Marc Rousso – Boom, Bust and Back to Boom

How can you create a world-class customer experience? Is it possible to build a love-where-you-work environment for your employees? Does the answer to both lie in leadership?

In this episode...

The CEO and Captain Vision of JayMarc Homes, Marc Rousso, has been through his fair share of challenges while elevating his custom home business to success. He’s lost a lot along the way, but most importantly, he’s learned. As leaders, you should focus on your personal development journey and have mentors so you can lead your team efficiently inside and outside of the office. So how do you do it?

In this episode of The Future is Borderless, David Nilssen sits down with Marc Rousso, the CEO and Captain Vision of JayMarc Homes, to discuss how to be a successful leader and build homes people enjoy living in. Marc explains how he created a successful home-building business with his partner and the challenges they’ve faced, the leadership style he uses in creating a conducive working environment, and the formula he found to balance his professional and personal life — even as a DJ.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Marc Rousso shares the story of how he and his partner started JayMarc Homes
  • Lessons Marc has learned about partnership and his advice to business partners
  • Marc talks about the 2008 crisis, how it impacted the business, and how they have evolved
  • Marc explains his leadership style and the importance of creating a love-where-you-work environment
  • What Marc’s ego as a leader cost him
  • Marc talks about being a DJ, how it came about, and how he’s making it a business
  • The formula Marc uses to balance his professional and personal life
  • Marc explains what having a borderless mindset means to him as a leader

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