Lauren Hoover – Virtual Assistants or VAs: What You Should Know About Offshore Talent

As an entrepreneur, are you feeling overwhelmed with your day-to-day tasks? Have you thought of hiring a virtual assistant to help you with the workload?

In this episode...

With a virtual assistant (VA), entrepreneurs can focus more on important tasks to grow and scale their businesses. So, where can you find a highly-skilled VA? Lauren Hoover and her company collaborate with entrepreneurs to understand their business objectives, values, and culture and connect them with the right VAs. Learn how you can leverage this role to build a competitive business.

In this episode of The Future is Borderless, David Nilssen sits down with Lauren Hoover, the Co-founder and Chief of Staff at DOXA Talent, to discuss the importance of having a virtual assistant. Lauren explains the functions of a virtual assistant, DOXA’s VA program and the use cases of a VA, and how to build a successful relationship with a VA.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What is a virtual assistant (VA)?
  • How Lauren Hoover’s past work experiences helped her structure DOXA’s VA program
  • Lauren explains the most common use cases for a VA
  • The process DOXA uses to find a perfect VA and the ideal skill sets for these employees
  • Ways DOXA ensures the success of their VAs
  • How DOXA helps entrepreneurs delegate tasks to VAs
  • Common mistakes business owners make when hiring VAs
  • Lauren explains the difference between an executive assistant and a VA
  • How DOXA helps clients manage data security
  • Lauren’s advice to people wanting to hire a VA

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