DOXAcon24: A Celebration of Contribution, Confluence, and Connection

The DOXA Talent team recently hosted our 2nd Annual DOXAcon, connecting over 75 companies and 500 attendees in Manila for a three-day summit focused on contribution, learning, and connection.

On Day 1, CONTRIBUTION, we brought our purpose of transforming communities to life by giving back locally. We fed 5000 people, planted 700 trees, and volunteered at an orphanage.

Day 2, our CONFLUENCE learning summit, kicked off with an energetic keynote from DOXA CEO David Nilssen. Industry thought leaders like Nicole A. Donnelly and Boaz Ashkenazyy delved into the intersection of AI and business, while David Niu unveiled secrets to generating free publicity. Personal branding insights were expertly shared by Marina Byezhanova, and Cory Sanford discussed remote talent development. Adi Klevit’s strategies for optimizing processes and my analysis of global human capital trends offered forward-thinking perspectives, further enriched by Randy Wootton’s invaluable formula for turnaround leadership. A panel featuring Michael Gonzalez Ross provided deep dives into lessons learned from the offshoring process.

Our final day of CONNECTION was an adventure in team building and bonding. Dubbed ‘The Amazing Race,’ our clients and VIPs embarked on a thrilling journey across Manila, embodying the spirit of connection. The event culminated in DOXATROPICS, our annual holiday event, which was a sensational and high-energy closing party, celebrating our achievements and the strong bonds formed over the three days.

The impact of DOXAcon24 was magnified by coverage from major media outlets, including CNN and ABS, highlighting the event’s success and DOXA Talent’s pivotal role in shaping the future of offshoring and talent management. This attention underscored our commitment to transforming global communities by creating meaningful work and leveraging borderless talent to provide unparalleled value to our clients.

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