Devin Miller – Suzie Orman, Emergency Savings Accounts and Remote Work

Recent studies claim that more than half the American population lives paycheck to paycheck, and around 40 to 50% lack a savings account. With the increase in financial uncertainties, how can you prepare for unexpected events?

In this episode...

According to Devin Miller, most people lack the self-discipline and motivation to save money, making it difficult to prepare for the unforeseeable future. After the pandemic hit, Devin and his team witnessed the harsh realities of financial unpreparedness. They founded SecureSave, which utilizes automatic payroll deductions to help people build and maintain an emergency fund and mitigate the emotional strife associated with financial management. Devin maintains that financial security shouldn’t be a rare privilege but an accessible and attainable practice.

In this episode of The Future is Borderless, David Nilssen sits down with Devin Miller, the Co-founder and CEO of SecureSave, to discuss how people can financially prepare for unexpected events. Devin explains an emergency savings plan, the difficulties of saving money, and how to build an emergency savings account.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What is an emergency savings plan?
  • The complications of saving money, and how SecureSave helps people build emergency savings
  • Devin Miller explains why employers should invest in emergency savings accounts for their employees
  • SecureSave’s ideal client profile
  • Devin shares the founding story of SecureSave
  • The challenges Devin and his co-founders faced starting SecureSave during the pandemic
  • How Devin has evolved as a leader

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