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The Borderless LeaderTM

In this book, set to release in 2024, David Nilssen addresses how key business trends which are accelerating, forcing companies to adapt faster to stay competitive.

He highlights the growing talent scarcity crisis, worsened by demographic shifts, and points out that this is further complicated by the rise of remote work and artificial intelligence. Nilssen also discusses the challenge of maintaining a strong company culture in a remote setting and suggests ways to build a world-class culture regardless to where a team is distributed. While some companies are using this to their advantage, others are struggling to adapt.

Nilssen argues that businesses must redefine their entire talent strategy to remain competitive. Drawing from his experience leading large, remote teams, Nilssen shares insights into how these challenges can be turned into advantages. He concludes that companies and leaders who adapt to these trends will thrive, while those who resist will fall behind.

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