How to Use AI to Amplify the Potential of Your Team

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a huge topic in nearly every business. While incorporating new AI-driven tools is still in the very early stages, there’s a lot still unknown. AI is simply another iteration of technological change that’s been happening for decades. Businesses that learn to embrace AI — in the right ways — will leverage the […]

5 Ways Emerging Franchise Brands Can Benefit From Leveraging Offshore Talent

Emerging franchise brands are laser-focused on growth, and rightfully so. However, growth consumes a lot of cash, and many are undercapitalized and unable to staff adequately in the initial stages of the business. A more nuanced approach to talent acquisition can facilitate success. Leveraging offshore talent is a lesser-utilized growth strategy for emerging franchise brands. Outsourcing […]

Permission to Prioritize Self-Care

The subtle way of saying, “It’s ok to be selfish.” We’re all swamped. We are juggling countless roles, moving to the “next thing”, and sidelining ourselves in the process. It took me a while, but I’ve finally learned to grant myself the permission to put self-care on that priority list. I’m sharing this personal journey, […]

Accelerating Investment in Offshore Talent & Artificial Intelligence

In today’s rapidly changing global talent landscape, businesses worldwide are facing significant challenges like talent shortages, increasing costs, and an aging workforce. These trends are not expected to disappear any time soon, making it crucial for companies to adapt and stay ahead. The Global Talent Shortage The shortage of skilled workers is a growing concern […]

Remote Work: Why Offshore Employee Onboarding Can’t Afford to Go Adrift

Imagine embarking on a journey across the ocean. It’s a daunting task, full of unpredictability and challenges. Now picture doing it with a crew that has barely set foot on a ship, with little to no training. That’s the kind of uphill battle many companies face when they onboard offshore employees with a lackluster or […]

Essential Qualities of Exceptional Board Members: A Reflection

I have had the pleasure of serving on the boards of multiple organizations such as the global Board of Directors for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Guidant Financial, DOXA Talent and more. I’ve done some good work and made countless mistakes. But more importantly, I’ve had a chance to learn from great Board members whose contributions have significantly influenced an organization. Here […]

Leadership in a Future Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Cape Town, South Africa, while attending the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Leadership Conference (#EOGLC2023). As a member of this organization since 2005, I’ve had my fair share of breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. This year was no different. However, this time around, the most compelling […]

Three Misconceptions about Virtual Assistants (VA)

The term “virtual assistant” is one of the most overused terms in the #offshore / #outsourcing industry. As a result, there are several common misconceptions about virtual assistants that have emerged over time, including: Working with a virtual assistant can actually save businesses money in the long run by increasing productivity and efficiency. In fact, virtual assistants can be […]

How Offshoring Impacts your Domestic Team

Last year, the national average turnover rate was 47.5% with approximately 70% of it being voluntary. While there are many reasons why employees may choose to leave a company, there are four main factors that consistently top the list: lack of career growth opportunities, inadequate compensation, and uninspiring or uncaring leaders and a lack of work life […]