The Borderless LeaderTM

In this book, set to release in 2024, David Nilssen addresses how key business trends which are accelerating, forcing companies to adapt faster to stay competitive.

He highlights the growing talent scarcity crisis, worsened by demographic shifts, and points out that this is further complicated by the rise of remote work and artificial intelligence. Nilssen also discusses the challenge of maintaining a strong company culture in a remote setting and suggests ways to build a world-class culture regardless to where a team is distributed. While some companies are using this to their advantage, others are struggling to adapt.

Nilssen argues that businesses must redefine their entire talent strategy to remain competitive. Drawing from his experience leading large, remote teams, Nilssen shares insights into how these challenges can be turned into advantages. He concludes that companies and leaders who adapt to these trends will thrive, while those who resist will fall behind.

Making the Jump Into Small Business Ownership

Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership provides the information, encouragement, and insight you need to go from dream to reality. As successful businessmen who have helped thousands of individuals begin small businesses, authors Jeff Levy and David Nilssen share their expertise in the following areas:

  • How to identify your strengths and use them in your new venture.
  • How to identify a business opportunity.
  • Overcoming your limitations, fears, and trepidations.
  • The business fundamentals every entrepreneur should know in the areas of planning, market research, legal structure, financing, support team, and other matters.

Woven throughout are bits of practical advice based on the authors’ years of experience, as well as stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through small business ownership. With this book as your guide, you can “make the jump” and start creating your own success story.

Customer Reviews

Craig B
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This book has it all, it's the Ranger Handbook for making a transition from your present situation to a small business owner. I like the author's backgrounds and straight shooting advice from their proven experience as entrepreneurs and coaches. They ask the tough questions and present practical advice rather than theory or research. Theory is fine in the classroom, but practical experience in the field wins every time; and this team knows how to win. I hope veterans and others will take the time to read "Making the Jump into Small Business" and find it as informative, insightful, and thoughtful as I have.
Anna Stuart
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Congratulations David Nilssen & Jeff Levy, Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership, for a direct approach to entrepreneurship "The hard truth. Much of corporate America has proven itself to be obsessed with profit. Relying on corporate giants for dependable salaries and benefits is a gamble at best. And to expect an employer - large or small - to provide us retirement benefits to support our long-term needs is nothing short of naïve." Thank you David Nilssen & Jeff Levy
Joe Barone
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Overview of the many options available for the new entrepreneur. Everything from - do you have what it takes; will it work; the business plan; the options of start a business from scratch, purchase an existing business or acquiring a franchise. Help you evaluation which option is right for you. Contains actual experiences of entrepreneur's. Provides good foundation on financing your business - some options are very creative and can provide for funding a business tax and penalty free from your pre tax retirement funds. Great Read!
Linda Joy
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As a veteran entrepreneur I highly recommend this book. The authors have produced an epic summary of the personal and professional challenges you will encounter in starting your own business. Notably, the authors not only provide the "mechanics" of starting a venture, but also introduce you to tools to examine your motivation and predictors of success. Levy and Nilssen also capably introduce you to their own journeys by intertwining introspective vignettes throughout the pages. Every budding entrepreneur will benefit from this clear, practical guide.

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