David Nilssen

What People are Saying

“David Nilssen is sharp and passionate. He always impresses me with how deeply he cares about enterprise. He not only knows what it takes to make a company successful, but goes beyond to advance the ecosystem to build a more supportive business climate.” -- Ben Elowitz, CEO & Co-Founder, Wetpaint.com

“As the co-founder and CEO of a global CRM software company, I naturally come in contact with many thought leaders in our industry. I have known David Nilssen for many years and he is the real deal. I have personally learned a lot from him about building great marketing programs and sales processes for our own business, and we’re generally the one who help our clients with theirs! I give my highest recommendation for any company or group that wants to learn from Dave’s wisdom and experience in growing their marketing and sales.” -- James Wong, CEO of Prophet CRM

“There is definitely a new breed of young entrepreneurs exemplified by David Nilssen. He is practical, works hard and is grounded in the fundamentals of good business while using today’s technologies to leverage his message. I have also observed David to be a leader when it comes to instilling a culture of performance, recognition, respect and fun into the organization that he co-founded.” -- Jeff Levy, The Entrepreneur’s Source, Franchisee of the Year, 2009

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